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Pecking Order - Limited Edition Print

Pecking Order - Limited Edition Print


12x60" Print with 1" white border

Limited Edition Print run of 5



Introducing the Pecking Order, a stunning artwork created by the talented artist Josh Harnack. This limited edition print showcases three guardian birds of the Skeena River in Prince Rupert, BC, capturing the essence of the natural beauty of the region. Created during the Cassiar Cannery art residency, this print will elevate any room it is displayed in. With only a limited number of prints available, don't miss out on the opportunity to add this beautiful artwork to your collection.


Poem About the Art

Along the shores of Skeena's embrace,

Three guardians stand, wild with grace.

A Canadian goose, regal and wise,

Bald eagle, with fierce, unyielding eyes.


A Blue heron, modest in contented pose.

Posts rooted, tales of canneries' repose.

A weathered embrace, nature's encore,

Where wildlife weaves, the river's rapport.

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