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An artistic endeavor aimed at capturing Alberta's natural beauty through photography, film, and graphic design to inspire a new series of artwork.

Follow the journey here or on social media starting May 17, 2019

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Hey! I'm Josh Harnack and the gorgeous gal in the photo with me is Brooke Langmaid. We are a fun, loving couple with an insane passion for all things creative. 

I am a fine artist specializing in oil and acrylic painting on canvas. When I am not painting or tinkering in other creative outlets, you can find me playing outside and channeling my inner child. 

Brooke is a brilliant designer specializing in illustration, publication and photography. When she's not creating you can find her in the mountains hiking, skiing or studying plants. 

Together, we make a powerhouse of creative genious and are sharing it with the world! 



Our mission is to explore and document five regions of Alberta: North, South, East, West and Central, and discover what makes it unique from the rest of Alberta. We will be focusing on geography, wildlife and people to help inspire a new series of artwork accompanied by a short film highlighting the journey and key influences.



1. Slave Lake: May 17 - 22

2. Jasper: May 22 - 27

3. Waterton Park: May 27 - June 1

4. Drumheller: June 1 - 6

5. Cold Lake: June 9 - 14



See how the journey is going with live updates! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

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